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THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 3 YEARS. I WILL MISS YOU ALL! Please come to "Keep the Touches" practice Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00 on Noonday 7 or 8. See you soon!

United Quest Dismantles University SC

Johnson City - Game 1 - Saturday, April 20, 2002 - 7:45 AM

The Quest '88 Whites have always enjoyed playing in the morning. After traveling the evening before, getting limited amounts of sleep, and waking in time to be on the pitch for warm-ups at 7:00 AM, the United side was ready to go. An early morning shower had dampened the brand new fields before the weather cleared for the opening game. The girls took the field against a developing, mixed-age team from Charleston, WV, the University SC Lightning, and proceeded to break in the never-played turf of Civitan Field 5 with style. The United girls quickly found their passing game and stole the Lightning's thunder with an early goal by midfielder Kylie Foley. USC simply had no answer for the Quest possession style of play, as forward Amanda Masters took a pass a short time after the first goal and fired into the net for a 2-0 lead. The Lightning countered the Quest passing game with a direct, central attack that featured size over speed. The United back four had little trouble with the frequent lone attacking USC forward. Stopper Carolyn Craddock helped control the defensive third and consistently started United counterattacks with patient dribbling and creative passes. Behind her at sweeper, Alena Reich prowled the pitch covering every defensive miscue with assured clearances and tough tackles. Outside defenders Jasmine Noel and Estela Negron-Flores utilized their superior speed and skill to push away every attack that USC attempted down the United flanks. A slow day between the posts can be difficult for a keeper when the tests finally come, but Ana Trujillo came off her line consistently to clean up slow rollers and the rare shots that came her way. Midfielders Ali Schultz, Caroline Poirier, and Kylie Foley overwhelmed the Lightning center of play and consistently played good balls to their forwards. After some line-up changes, Jasmine Noel found herself pushed up top with an opportunity to score that she easily converted. The score was 3-0 to United, but almost before the ink was dry on the referee's score card, Caroline Poirier pushed out of the midfield with the ball at her feet and unleashed a shot that made it 4-0. After subbing in up top, forward Kimberly Shriver capitalized on some frantic play in the Lightning penalty area and poked in her first goal of the match to make it 5-0. Shortly after, Kylie Foley found the net for her second goal and the score stood at 6-0. Heather Dougherty and Sierra Green consistently showed the scrappy style of play that helps to define United's team personality when at its best, and they didn't back down from USC's tallest, heaviest players and figured prominently in several Quest counterattacks. Coach Anne Bristol was already reigning in the girls' thrusts on goal, however, and the team shifted into their possession passing game to run out the first half. Disinterested in humiliating a good team that was simply not able to keep up with the United attack, Coach Bristol was adamant about not running up the score. Quest utilized the second half to work on creating good passing angles and switching the point of attack through the back four without applying any pressure on the opponent's goal. Of course, certain situations require that obvious scoring opportunities not be ignored for fear of getting rusty. Forward Meagan Dilbeck made one such opportunity count to push the score to 7-0. A short time later, Kimberly Shriver notched her second, which made the final score an impressive 8-0. The '88 Whites had made an opening statement that would be hard to beat on their title march, but the very next match would reveal a nearly unstoppable Quest attack and feature even more goals.

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