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THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 3 YEARS. I WILL MISS YOU ALL! Please come to "Keep the Touches" practice Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00 on Noonday 7 or 8. See you soon!

Quest Girls Deliver A Memorable Present

May 12th - Mother's Day Match

United Quest's '88 Athena White squad played their last league match of the season on the worst pitch they had seen in two years. With all twelve Tramore fields apparently unavailable, and with the main S.W. Cobb field not recently mowed, the girls of United and the Lady Chiefs Gold of Cobb FC were forced to play on what could only be charitably described as a soccer field. Without the presence of two goals and two eager teams, the space would not have been recognizable as such. Both sides were determined to make the best of a bad field situation, however, and the match was played as scheduled. United coach Anne Bristol put her girls in a good mood before the match started by allowing them to show respect to their mothers on Mother's Day. She supplied flowers for the girls to give to their moms, and the girls supplied the hugs and kisses, which helped everyone feel good about spending one more weekend involved with soccer. Of course, the Cobb FC squad had ideas of spoiling the good mood and came out playing hard at the opening whistle. The Lady Chiefs displayed a good attacking style that featured quick, short passes out of midfield, and they possessed impressive speed on their flanks. The United defense, spearheaded by keeper Ana Trujillo and sweeper Alena Reich, did not give away any easy shots. They controlled the defensive third with superb help from Sierra Green and Estela Negron-Flores, and their midfield teammates Kylie Foley, Heather Dougherty, Madison Porter, and Ali Shultz helped push the ball back toward the Cobb FC goal. Right back Sierra Green was particularly impressive with her play at the fullback position as she repeatedly turned away attacks with fine footwork and great clearances. The United forwards couldn't get much going against the Lady Chiefs' stingy defense either, but Meagan Dilbeck moved up out of the midfield to keep the pressure on the home team's goal with active runs and determined play. Carolyn Craddock had one of the few threatening shots for United in the first half, but it hooked just to the right of the post and failed to find the net. Unfortunately, as was the trend in all three weekend matches, United got scored on first. However, another characteristic of this weekend's games was a gritty determination by the entire Quest team to not stay behind. The Lady Chiefs got their goal after what has been a troubling sight all season for United fans. A tall, speedy Cobb FC forward went streaking down the right side with the ball at her feet and a Quest defender running with her stride-for-stride. Unfortunately, a ball-clearing tackle couldn't be executed and the forward turned the corner and drove the ball across the face of the goal. The shot was nearly saved by both another Quest defender and the keeper, but the next Cobb FC touch put the ball into the net. Quest was down 1-0, but on this special day for moms that deficit seemed to trigger an almost unbelievable surge of energy through the entire United team. After being somewhat lost in the attack for stretches in the first half, forward Amanda Masters came from way in the back and surged down the left flank after a long ball clearance that looked destined to roll out of touch. She passed a stunned Chief midfielder, kept the ball in play, and continued her run toward goal. Although the shot she unleashed was struck well and looked threatening, it cleared the crossbar by a considerable distance. However, it seemed to portend things to come, as moments later Miss Masters found the ball at her feet again. This time she closed a few steps closer to the goal and neatly slotted her shot into the left corner for the equalizer. The Quest comeback machine was rolling again. The soccer that followed was inspired and perhaps some of the best the girls had played ever as members of this team. Kim Shriver moved up top to push the Chief defenders more. Meagan Wood occupied defenders by holding the ball effectively. The short passing game was played to near perfection up the right flank by Meagan Dilbeck, Sierra Green, and Ali Schultz. Their example began to rub off on the other players, and on the left side Heather Dougherty and Maddie Porter also moved the ball with excellent skill and style. Miss Dougherty provided a needed defensive presence on that side, and Miss Porter moved the ball forward effectively on several sequences. In the middle of the field, Caroline Poirier terrorized every Lady Chief player who ventured into her space to disrupt nearly every Cobb FC attack. Ana Trujillo sent several impressive punts out of her penalty area that immediately gave United field advantage. Estela Negron-Flores single-handedly foiled one Lady Chief attack when she crossed from the weak side to clear away a threatening ball. One deflected ball bounced over the Cobb defense and to a pleased Carolyn Craddock who promptly turned toward goal to place United goal number two into the net. Because of a suspicion of an offside violation, there was a long discussion between the center ref and his assistant. The goal was ultimately allowed to stand for a 2-1 Quest lead. Subsequent attacks saw Ali Schultz threaten with both a long range shot and some enticing crosses. Centermid Kylie Foley spotted the opposing keeper well off her line during one sequence and cleverly sent a long, high shot looping over her head and into the Chief goal to tally the last goal of the day. United won the match 3-1, but even more impressively won the hearts of their biggest fans, their parents. There isn't enough praise to describe the effort of these girls during this Mother's Day classic, as well as for the two previous matches. A great bunch of girls with great hearts comprise the United Quest '88 Athena White team, and they will leave behind a memorable legacy of achievement when their post season ends. last week's highlights