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THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL 3 YEARS. I WILL MISS YOU ALL! Please come to "Keep the Touches" practice Wednesday and Thursday from 6:00-7:00 on Noonday 7 or 8. See you soon!
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by gerry (4-22-2002)

by gerry (4-22-2002)
Go us! we are the champions! yippeee

by Kimberly (4-16-2002)
i can't find that button thingy that tells if ur going to practice!

by Kimberly (4-16-2002)
we won the championship!

by Kimberly (3-2-2002)
hello guess what my bball team is going to the championships!!

by Kimberly (2-15-2002)
Hey every1 i sprained my 2 fingers on my hand. well lets do good in our tournament!!!! Guess what ali carolyn and my bball team is in 1st place!!! cya

by Kimberly (1-22-2002)
Meagan i'm happy you cut your hair! That's sooooooo sweet of you! Anne get practice started soon! I can't wait to start playing again! Good news for me ali and carolyn; our bball team hasnt lost a game! Weell ttyl! bYe!!

by meagan (1-15-2002)
Hey! I just wanted to let you all know that I recently donated ten inches of hair to Locks of Love! I think I am faster, now that I lost about five pounds of hair! (LOL) See ya soon!--Meagan D.

by jean (9-26-2001)
hey ann this is meagan wood and just telling u i'm goin to the fair but what time r we goin?

by Kimberly (9-25-2001)
LETS KICK GSA's BUTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO WIN!!

by Kimberly (9-25-2001)
Cant go to the fair sorry!

by Kimberly (9-12-2001)
Hey long time no talk!!!!! Im ME!!! Kim

by melissa (9-7-2001)
Have a great game on Sat and Sun girls!!!

by boo-boo (7-29-2001)
sorry i didn't tell u my name it is lauren bye

by boo-boo (7-29-2001)
hey u guys wuzz up i haven't been on aol in along time. but i guess i will see u tom. at camp

by Kimberly (7-21-2001)
What in the world is up with "Madhatter" maddie???? Now signing off everyone's REAL favorite--- KIm And AlEx

by allison (7-1-2001)
hey everyone this is me ana again on monday everyone get on the cht at 3 o'clock on monday bye

by allison (7-1-2001)
sup everybody, It's your favorite keeperdon't forget to email me @ countrygurl26@worldnet.att.net don't forgetluve ya bye

by meagan (6-29-2001)
Hey everyone! I just got back from my 1 week cruise in the carribean acouple of days ago. It was great! I couldn't check out the website, though, because it cost $1 a minute on the ship. One sunday I go to residental soccer camp at The College of William and Mary in Willaimsburg, VA. Talk to ya soon! -Meagan D.

by Kimberly (6-26-2001)
Everyone's fave? That's me and Ana!!!

by joanne (6-21-2001)

by marty (6-7-2001)
The month thing should be fixed. Once again thanks for pointing the problem out G.

by marty (5-7-2001)
G, that last email was from me (Marty) not Ana. Sorry about the confusion.

by ana-da-bomb (5-7-2001)
G, thanks for the bug info I will fix the month thing tonight. 6-7 not 5-7. Sorry about that, but as always thanks for pointing this out for me!

by allison (5-7-2001)
I mean in North Carolina sorry buh bye

by allison (5-7-2001)
Hey everybody this is anaT. your Keeper duh. Anyway my email in Nort Carolina is countrygurl26@worldnet.att.net Don't forget to email me buh bye

by g (5-6-2001)

by g (5-6-2001)

by melissa (5-4-2001)
Team meeting for Monday 6/4/01 is CANCELLED. We will update directions and time of the re-scheduled meeting for Weds. night

by Kimberly (4-28-2001)

by melissa (4-25-2001)
Good luck with Canterbury Cup Girls!!!

by Kimberly (4-2-2001)
Our soccer team rocks!!!!!!! 6-2 is #1!!!!!!!

by Kimberly (4-1-2001)
Hey I got 3rd place in tug-o-war and got 1st in the 4x100 at our school Olympics. I get to play soccer tomorrow. I can't wait!!! And of course colleen courtney me and the rest of our team are going to win it all!!! I'm signing off with one last word: 6-2 ROCKS!!! LET'S GO AUSTRALIA!!!!!!

by Kimberly (4-1-2001)
Man We LOST!!! Oh well there will be other tournaments.

by Kimberly (3-24-2001)
I can't wait to go to the tournament!!!

by Alexthegreat (3-23-2001)
I mean 10:00

by Alexthegreat (3-23-2001)
Hey t is about 1000 and i better get 2 bed bye "yall"

by meagan (3-22-2001)
We got on TV @ the beat game yesterday! More info on who was on TV in the Chat room!-Meagan D.

by Kimberly (3-21-2001)
Photos 3-3 and 3-10 are the same pictures but different dates. Oh and by the way I really like the chat room, Thanks!!! bye, Kimberly

by melissa (3-17-2001)
COOL NEWS...The Atlanta Beat have a contest for the "Best Bannner." 3 requirements: 1) no bigger than 8' long and 3' tall 2) Has to say either Atlanta Beat or The Beat 3) Has to say either GSSA or Georgia State Soccer Association. BEST BANNER wins 18 tickets to another game. Let me know if anyone wants to try to do this, I'll give you support.

by melissa (3-17-2001)
Hello all, If you are going to the Atlanta Beat Game on Sat...Here is some information Eric Ritter has passed on: Anyone who would like to participate in the pre-game parade may do so by being at gate 5 at 10:45 AM wearing your Quest Uniform. Our team is going to be wearing BLUE! So see you there. Melissa

by Kimberly (3-10-2001)
Hey Alex the Retard and Ana the #2 Bomb, #2 Great, and also everyones Fave. along with Me!!! Where have you been!!!! Bye for now, The #1 the Bomb The Great and Your Fave Kimberly

by meagan (3-8-2001)
Hey Kim and Alex, I was just joking! I'm just as bad. I always think I'm the greatest! - Meagan D.

by Kimberly (3-7-2001)
Opps!!! I meant Meagan!!!

by Kimberly (3-7-2001)
The Megan Who???

by meagan (3-6-2001)
Alex & Kim get over yourselves!

by melissa (2-27-2001)
Hello all, Just wanted to give you an update on our fundraising...we have cleared $449 already and are waiting for $199 more to be handed in. That will bring our total from this half of the fund raising to $648. The second half of our fundraising will include our selling M&M's (both types), skittles, and snickers. The profit yeild on this venture will be $891.50. We have some dates and store fronts to move some of this but hope everyone will remain upbeat and sell, sell, sell. If you have any ?'s just let me know. Thanks.

by Alexthatgreat (2-22-2001)
Hey!!!! this is Alex! I won't be @ the game this weekend so u guys play your hardest!! I hope u win Alex the reatard Kim and ana u better use your names 2 0k....so now they are kim the annoying , and ana the friendly giant!!!

by melissa (2-21-2001)
Hey All, Please bring all ticket monies and Candy bar monies tonight to practice. Thanks!

by Kimberly (2-17-2001)

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
u better not

by Kimberly (2-17-2001)
I'm not going to use your nickname! But thanks for thinking of them!!! I think I'll stick to my old ones!!!

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
I am here 2

by Kimberly (2-17-2001)
I'm here Alex!!

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
are u going to answer?

by Kimberly (2-17-2001)
Hey all U12 players Get pumped for the game. Give it your all!!! 110% KIMBERLY SHRIVER

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
Kim r u there?

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
Umm iwas wondering if my dad can have an account. Alex

by Alexthatgreat (2-17-2001)
Mrs.Trujillo, I think you might want to put my mom's email on the hotline so you don'y have to send me all the parent stuff. her eamail is Cruss12345@aol.com. thank you- Alex

by Alexthatgreat (2-16-2001)
Kim-- I have a nickname 4 u so u don't have 2 use mine or ana's anymore OK HERE ITis: Kim Da anoying!!!! how amazing is that!!!!! u should use it more often!!! Always Alex

by melissa (2-16-2001)
Pam, I got you changed over!

by melissa (2-16-2001)
Hey guys just wanted to post this email we received from Eric Ritter just in case you didn't recieve it! We will have two players from the Atlanta Beat (see bios below) here at United Quest on Saturday March 17th from 2:00 to 4:00 PM on Canterbury 1. They will be signing autographs and you can also purchase tickets to the Quest Day at the Beat. Our community day will be on April 21st at 12:00 PM. The Beat will play the New York Power. It will be a nationally televised game and will be played at Bobby Dodd Stadium on Georgia Tech's Campus. Tickets will be on sale all day Saturday at the Clubhouse and they cost $8.00 per ticket. Any questions please contact me. Thanks! Homare Sawa Foreign Player Draft (10/30/00) Position: Midfielder Born: 9/6/78 Hometown: Tokyo, Japan National Team: Captain of the Japanese National Team Previous Club: Yomiuri Beleza Honors: Japan's all-time leading scorer. Chosen to represent Japan at the first-ever FIFA Women's World All-Star Match, where she helped lead the World Stars to a 2-1 victory over the USA. Favorite Food: Japanese rice Nickname: Sawa-san Dayna Smith Drafted: 12/11/00 Position: Defender Hometown: Lakewood, Colorado College: Santa Clara University Previous Club: Denver Diamonds (W-League) College: Attended Santa Clara University in Santa Clara, California 1995-'97. Played at N.C. State as a freshman. Was All-West Region in 1995 and '96 and All-Star Umbro Team in '96. Club: Played 2000 for the Denver Diamonds. Played for the Fredericksburg Club in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1999. Played for Hammarby in Stockholm, Sweden in 1998 and Yomiuri Beleza in Tokyo, Japan in 1997-'98. Played for Denver Diamonds summer of 1996 and for the Sacramento Storm in 1997. Hobbies: Mountain bike riding, skiing, hiking, travel Nickname: D. Smith

by Modelsmom (2-16-2001)

by Kimberly (2-16-2001)
Hey parents tell your kids to get online with us. Send on the message please, Kimberly Shriver

by Kimberly (2-16-2001)
Hey you better back off, Ana the goalie(a good one too!) and Alex 'the ???'!!! Don't use my name any more!!!! O.k. ??!!?? Got That!?!? Bye, KIMBERLY SHRIVER

by Kimberly (2-16-2001)
Alex, I found a error in your last message. It must have been a miss type! Let me correct you, *Kimberly is the real great. Thank you!!! Bye for now, Kimberly Shriver

by Alexthatgreat (2-15-2001)
*I meant your real favorite

by Alexthatgreat (2-15-2001)
I am not going I wish I was but i think it is just a sales thingy that it is going to be packed w\lots of people and who would want to go to a place near the equator in the middle of July -Alex-...(youreal favorite

by Kimberly (2-15-2001)
Hey is anyone going to the camp too! Call me if you are!!! The bomb and the great(also your favorite) is signing off!!! Kimberly

by Kimberly (2-15-2001)
Hey get ready for our games this weekend!!! Kimberly S. P.S. I'm also known as the bomb and the great. I'm also your favorite!!! I mean who would say Alex is their favorite?!?!? Bye for now!

by Kimberly (2-15-2001)
HI!!! I'M GOING TO CAMP IN MEXICO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Kimberly Shriver

by Kimberly (2-15-2001)
Very funny you two! Why won't you admit it I'm the bomb and the great! ( Also your Favorite) Bye for now, Kimberly Shriver

by ana-da-bomb (2-15-2001)
You better not use `Da bomb' cause thats mine so you better back off Kim `The Great' and Alex don't give her anymore ideas.

by Alexthatgreat (2-15-2001)
Kim!!(sorry I accidently sent the other 1) I am the great and the "Fave teamate." Like who would Like u?????? LEts think(jk) U better not say that I am not the great... u might be "da bomb" but not "The Great" so there i told u of lol hahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha....write back if u dare!!!! -yourfave teamate- Alex"TheGreat"

by Alexthatgreat (2-15-2001)

by melissa (2-15-2001)
Hi to all, First I would like to apologize for being late getting back to practice last night. I inadvertently left the boxes of candy at home. Okay to explain why the candy sales have changes. The sales with the company I ordered from quoted me a much lower rate than he was authorized to do. When the bill arrived they charged me for the normal price. I, of course, got this changed to reflect the price that was quoted. But they would not honor that rate on the second half of the order. Therefore the following numbers reflect that change. Original shipment of 19 boxes = 594.00 in profit (we pay .40 per bar. 19 x 52 = 988 - 394 = 594) The now not available Second shipment of 28 boxes = 875 in profit (28 x 52 = 1456 - 581 = 875. 875 + 594 = 1469 total profit.) The reason I chose not to continue the second shipment with this company is because they were changing our profit from being .60/candy bar to .40//candy bar. Now some good news: I have found a company that will give us .50/candy bar. That rate is the best I can find for candy. We would have to order 10 cases, that = 1440 candy bars. I have parents working on getting us into some of the local store fronts to sell. I am very confident that we can move these quickly. Our Profit from this would equal 720.00. Also we can order Lolly Pops that would sell for .50 each and our profit would be .25 each. (down side: we would have to sell a lot more individual pieces to yield a high profit) I will show you all the hand outs on Sat. There are also Dominos pizza cards that we could sell: $5.00 cards = 2.50 profit per card and $10.00 cards = 5.00 profit. The cards are coupon cards that offers a med. pizza for free w/ purchase of a large pizza. (10 free; 20 free respectively) If anyone has any other suggestions, please feel free to contact me! Thanks, Melissa

by Kimberly (2-13-2001)

by ana-da-bomb (2-12-2001)
Hi everybody!

by melissa (2-12-2001)
Alex, Just email me with what you want your login and password to be.

by alexr-s (2-12-2001)
Hey Can I cHange my username??? And password??? Iwasjust wondering. -Alex-

by John (2-12-2001)
For anyone that is interested there is an excellent website out there called womenssoccer.com that has very good articels and tips for girls only. Also, Atlanta Beat game tickets went on sale Saturday through Ticketmaster. I called Saturday afternoon and got second row midfield seats to a couple of games.. Great seats are available. We should discuss a team outing for one of the games on a Saturday night. For the schedule, go to www.theatlantabeat.com

by marty (2-10-2001)
Everyone, please feel free to ask for extra accounts. If everyone in your family wants an account, please feel free to ask myself or Melissa to set it up for you. Just send us your desired user name and pw. Also let us know if you want to recieve team emails you probably don't if your a player (we just send out boring parent stuff). In addition if you are not happy with your current username and pw, we would be happy to change that for you. It only takes us about 2 minutes to change.

by marty (2-10-2001)
Team, I just have to say that I was very impressed this weekend. I believe that the team lost because this team isn't used to this level of play. I also believe that the team showed that it is capable of playing at this level. As a whole this team attempted a lot of plays and moves that just don't work at this level. I am very confident that if you girls keep working hard this team will see a lot of success in the A league. Just keep working hard. GREAT JOB so far!!!!

by melissa (2-10-2001)
Alex the chat room is a GREAT idea! It is definately on the list, but we have a few other things we need to do first. Please keep sending all the great ideas!--Melissa

by alexr-s (2-10-2001)
hey-- I have an idea how about when we find a message from a girl on the team we right back and we can have our own "littleChat room" your favorite teammate--- Alex

by alexr-s (2-9-2001)
Hey yall whatsup? It is Alex da Great!!We gotta win tomorrow ok get pumped and ready!!! Your fave team mate-- alex

by jennifer (2-9-2001)
Marty, great work! Thanks for all your hard work the kids will really enjoy this.

by Modelsmom (2-9-2001)
M&M Thanx 4 setting this up I think message boards R awesome! girls make sure U use this

by melissa (2-8-2001)
Hello everyone, Let's play hard and good on Sat. so we can start off with a win. Your friend, Ana Trujillo

by marty (2-8-2001)
Hello everybody! I hope everyone enjoys the messages on this message board. If you have anything to say this is a great place to say it!!!